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Network Optimization Consulting Service:

Our team has over twenty years experience in LTE/UMTS network planning and optimizations.

Our services inlcude but not limited to:

  • LTE (MME, SGW/PGW, IMS, eNodeB), UMTS (SGSN/MSC/RNC/NodeB) traffic forecasting and capacity planning
  • LTE/UMTS nodebs CPU event modeling
  • LTE/UMTS user call modelling
  • LTE/UMTS KPI performance monitor and root-cause anlaysis
  • LTE/UMTS cloud and virtualization technologies trainings

The benefits of our optimization services are:

  • Provides just-in-time capacity planning to reduce CAPEX/OPEX spendings
  • Proactively address wireless network potential issues by using in-depth root-cause analysis to deliver best in class customer experience.
  • Keep in align with most advanced technologies in the telecom field including cloud and virtualization.

If you are interested to know more details, please contact us.


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